We're Kimberly and Jendi

We are Hakomi Therapists, passionate about helping you THRIVE during a pandemic - especially if you struggle with ANXIETY

We get it. You feel ANXIOUS. All the time. And it's getting in the way of connecting with others and living the life you want.  We know you wanna throw ANXIETY out the window and maybe you're tired of powering through. Perhaps you're afraid of passing your anxious buzz onto your children?


Let us bring you in on a secret: we've found a way to heal anxiety that not only feels AHHMAZING, but puts you in the driver's seat so you're in control. 


We invite you to share a big dose of AWESOME in this 7-week online Live Program and not only walk away with skills when Anxiety pops up, but HEAL from the root up.  

You Will Learn How To


Sit in CALM.


Learn tools to RELEASE anxiety.


Lead your LIFE with Ease & Grace.


What People Say

I feel like I've come home to myself.

Snoqualmie, WA


  • Why suppressing anxiety is causing more harm than good.
  • One GIANT clue that you're doing better than you think (hint: it's inside YOU).
  • Why certain thoughts actually make your soul shrink - and how to avoid them.

  • The 2 myths about inner work that is a total game changer (hint: paradigm shift coming!)

  • How to rewire your Anxious Brain.


  • The ability to sit in CALM.

  • #1 tool to lift the weight of anxiety.

  • #1 tool to release chronic pain from your body.

  • Skills to FEED YOUR SOUL while you're with another anxious person (ninja skills here).


  • Weekly Core Lessons.
  • Weekly Check-ins.
  • Weekly handouts so don't have to scurry and take notes (sit back & relax!)
  • Weekly tips on how to integrate Ease & Grace into your daily life.
  • Access to Secret Facebook Group.
  • Weekly Videos and Bonus teachings.
  • Intimate support and wisdom in time to rock the holidays.
  • Lifetime access to the course material.
  • Techniques and Wisdom Bombs you'll use for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. 

Program Starts This Fall!!

  • 7 Sessions: Oct 19 - Dec 14, 2020-Registration for this session is CLOSED
  • 6:30 - 8pm PST, Monday evenings
  • $99/class
  • Live online Intimate Group
  • If you have any questions, please shoot us an email.

Meet Your Hosts

Kimberly Bianco, LMP, CHT

As a highly sensitive person,Kimberly is committed to finding CALM within a chaotic world. For 23 years she has assisted others in doing the same. As a Hakomi therapist, Craniosacral therapist, and Body Centered Coach, she specializes in assisting others on their pathway toward wellness. She is a therapy geek, mother of 2 boys and owner of KbeCalm Coaching.


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Jendi Watson,


Jendi is a Mama of two young girls, loves river walking and practices what she preaches. She's a life-long devotee to deep emotional healing and loves helping mothers forge their own beautiful path into motherhood (not a repeat of what they had growing up). She relishes camping, coffee, and big slurpy asian noodle bowls. Jendi is a roaring empath, highly intuitive and has had to learn (the hard way) how to protect her energy and call her space sacred. Owner of Nalu Center for Healing on Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hello from Kimberly & Jendi!


of combined experience

For 7 evenings, you'll settle into an EXPERIENTIAL Live Program to lay a soothing balm on anxiety. This is not a figuring-out-thinking-class. NOPE!! Anxiety cannot be thought or reasoned away. In this Program, you will EXPERIENCE a deep internal shift and be able to sit in Ease & Grace through crisis.

Come join us, this Live Online Program only happens twice a year. 

If you're tired of Anxiety and wanna chuck it out the window - this program is for you. 

Come join us! 

This Program is not happening ANYWHERE else in the world: TWO Hakomi therapists, a loving circle of women and 7 weeks of Wisdom Bombs. JOY resides here. It's going to be MAGICAL. 

Love in big ways, 


Kimberly + Jendi